The real end of TWD...

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...because "their" end does not feel right.

...even if it broke my heart it would be more logical if clementine had died.

senseless thread. i just wanted to say ;)


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I was okay with it, as implausible of her surviving the amputation with a zombie-gut riddled axe at a point where the infection should have spread throughout already is. I was starting to come to terms with her dying, but then had a feeling that AJ just chopped off part of her leg since the scene cut from him "killing" her just after he refused to do so.

I don't know, I'm just glad the series got an ending. I'm happy that Clementine survived and I overall loved the parallel in their relationship to that of Lee and Clem. Having Clem die would have been more poetic I guess, but after everything she's been through and how long fans have been following this story, I think it just would've been too devastating. It could have all been executed a bit better but all in all I'm satisfied with how the series ended.


Edit: put everything I typed into spoilers even though I would assume that spoilers would be expected in this topic and it wouldn't be necessary to use spoiler tags. Buuut just in case I suppose.

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