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G'day compadres, amigos and comrades...long time, no see!

I haven't trophy hunted seriously for a few years (I lost interest once I got close to 100 Plats and work / home life took priority), but I still lurk around PSNProfiles every month or so. Glad to see Sly, Parker, Stevie, Mango, Dragon and Plat are still managing the hordes.


I've had a career change recently and started an online video game store here in Oz last December. Margins for games and consoles is absolutely abysmal (barely break-even), but I have access to a lot of toys these days. If anyone in Australia (and soon NZ) is after some goodies, hit me up, some of them are really good for trophy hunting.


Apologies if this comes off as shameless self-promotion, that's not my intent. I'm just popping my head up to say "Hi!" to old friends :) I miss the days when I had less responsibilities, fewer grey hairs and more time to game... I'm still on PSN, drop me a PM sometime boys.

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I don't know you but welcome back!!😊


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