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Skybound surprises us and we get an episode 5 and we all excited? Like we suddenly see an Episode 5 Download notification icon in our system. 
Short story:
In this final episode Aj is a little more grown up and so its Clementine. I want time to pass cause I want everyone to at least be with each other and feel comfortable (maybe a year). Clementine is still using crutches cause of her leg and Aj feels guilty and is always trying to get her a leg and finally he decides to wonder around and finds a place where he can get one. He finds a place and it so happens he has to get in and steal one prosthetic leg for Clem. Of course, he also finds enemies and it so happens that they are part of the group Lily was at war with. Also, an old character makes a comeback... who? Christa! Where was Christa all this time? Well, she was being captive, more like an slave and mistreated for this new group and AJ decides to help her somehow. Clementine eventually finds out about Christa and decides to rescue her along with the others. To make the episode short (2 hours max lol) At the end, AJ and Christa are about to die but the game give us the OPTION to either: A) Save AJ, B ) Save Christa, C) Sacrifice ourselves to save both or D) SAVE OURSELVES and forget everyone (for those who dont give a damn about others). I'm just saying, if I want to end Clementine's story give me the option to at least die like a hero and have full control of it because it is MY CHOICE and not because a zombie bit me and someone else has to amputate my leg. Lily can also make a final cameo like maybe showing up at the end if Clementine decides to leave everyone behind. We had the option to let Lily live in Ep 4 after all. I just want a good ending for Clementine and completely decide her fate. It would be a good end, this game is based on OUR choices right?. :smiley:

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My ideal episode 5 would be that kenny(if you picked the wellington ending in season 2, otherwise kenny will be replaced by someone else who was friends with him back during his fishing days)is in the convoy hinted at in the ending and after a tearful reunion clem gets a peg leg, rounds up the rest of the season 4 survivors and they travel to kennys hometown in florida, once there they find his old boat and remember his old plan of going on the sea that ended up in failure they decide to try his plan again now that theres no roadblocks stopping them, episode ends with a cliffhanger of them reaching an island that seems safe and walker free but in season 5 would prove to be a huge magnet for pirates and the main story arc of that season would involve clem building up her crew to defend the town from the pirate problem plaging it as well as any potential walker infestations that pop up(as these pirates know how to weaponize walkers like the new frontier did in season 3).


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