Ghost Buster Trophy Glitch Warning.

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Ok so Yesterday this Trophy glitched on me and I could not find any reason as to why and I could find no one else with this issue.


Well there is a reason to this and I figured it out for those like myself who had this issue.


So how the fight plays out is there are 3-4 Crystals you need to destroy before you can damage the final boss, with each Crystal you destroy he takes a small amount of damage.


If you get his health too low and he gets back up to do another Crystal phase and dies due to the Crystal damage you will not get the trophy.


I had to curve back my damage to make sure this did not happen, and if this has happened to you guys I hope you read this and can now fix it.



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Same situation with dragon boss. If you deal the killing blow with one of the eggs he spits out, trophy for killing him won't pop. Neither will one for killing him with 5 mobs alive, if you arranged it that way. 


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