Reply to Item Checklist

By Geridian,
Since i have got some minutes to spare i will try to provide you guys with a quick overview of Talons, Saddles, Collars. Can´t provide exact location because i didn´t write them down. As i have written many times the Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Jobs and Items Guide (Version 1.10) - by Eleinia - April 9, 2009 which is avaiable on gamefaqs is accurate round about 75% (my personal opinion). Use this Guide and my notations for a complete overview. Can´t provide new exact item locations.   For the Talons/Saddle/Collar trophies keep this in mind: Also you need to find the items in an appraised (identified) state to be counted for the trophies. Or you identify (appraise) the items after you pick them up. Loose the items before they are identifed (appraised) and you must collect them anew to identify (appraise) them. After items are appraised you can sell them. You don´t need to put them all into storage. Cursed Items also count (Text is purple but readable) Items which are purple but only show ?????? are not appraised and don´t count!   Changes/additions are these..   Talons: