Easy way to grind Consistent Winner trophy

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Required: PC with PS4 remote play and AHK application installed.

Step 1 : Download, install and setup PS4 Remote play onto you computer 

AutoHotKey site: PS4RemotePlay Site:

Step 2 : Download, install and run Autohotkey

Step 3 : Write this script  in a notepad file and save it as script.ahk [it just spams the x button ]

Random, randsleep , 500 , 1000  
SetTimer, PressTheKey, %randsleep%   ; call press the key  between .5 and 1 seconds

IfWinExist, PS4 Remote Play
    WinActivate ; grab PS4 as the active window in case it loses focus

Send {Enter down}  ; Press down the Enter key.
Random, rand2, 1001, 1347
Sleep,  %rand2% ; hold the Enter key down for at least  1sec. Neccesary for ps4 remote play to register
Send {Enter up}  ; Release Enter key.


Step 4 : Get your game to this specific screen after picking the 1st tier challenge match vs. Yelena  - 901813ad40d95ae9a51e0d881df9d104.jpg

Step 5 : Double click the script to run it wherever you saved it

If you have around 50 wins required to complete challenge mode and a good %, mine was around 98 upon game completion then you can lose every game and win this trophy still. Leave your script running for about 3 hours and the trophy will have popped.


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