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Skybound games announces The Walking Dead: The Telltale definitive series

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So it looks like there's going to be another release of The Walking Dead series in one whole package and remastered too. 




Just wanted to add guys, here's the latest trailer. 



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Yeahhhh.... I was excited when I saw the announcement video about this holy shit @ those prices. The cheapest edition is just not worth it to me and the other two are waaay to highly priced. Realy would have liked to get one of them but I just can't justify it to myself for such prices.

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Will pre-ordering from the site be the only way to get it? or will it be available to get elsewhere? 

14 hours ago, Fat Chocobo said:

And there will be a couple special editions with useless crap nobody really wants! Yay! :P







Yeah cause no one likes Merch right?

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Sigh.  Guess I'm glad I still haven't opened the previous collection or the final season season pass disc yet.  Definitely want them all in one place, ideally without the "season pass disc" label where half or more of the game needs to be downloaded.  Probably just sell my unopened copies and wait for this one.


That diorama is pretty badass.  Almost tempting to get that Guardian Pack if it weren't $250.  I don't see any option to order the physical copy of the game outside of one of those packs... but I guess that'll come closer to release.  Unless I'm missing something.

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On 4/22/2019 at 8:36 AM, geronimodegraaf said:

Looks like a bunch of garbage imo. Except for that statue and steelbook 1f601.png

It’s not “garbage” because you don’t want it.

On 4/22/2019 at 8:13 AM, IntroPhenom said:


That was fast!  100 people shelled out $350 bucks without a moment's hesitation.  Wow.

Well, people love this series, as do I. 

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Yeah I've been contemplating getting the TWD Collection and The Final Season. Trophy list is janky with the TWD Collection (some trophies missing, also some scenes/songs missing) and sort of better off going with Seasons. Gonna wait on the verdict on this one. Still tempting to have it all on one disc though. ?

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