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I started an offline campaign, descent (N.Y) and got both pistol only and no medkits used.


  • Switched to pistol immediately before doing anything else when level starts
  • Did not use melee, health packs, special ability
  • I set up 1 turret but never reloaded it
  • I used a lvl 2 pistol. (Maybe golden pistol voids it, given that it's stronger than everything there?)
  • Had to carry all 5 cases by the train myself since A.I
  • Made sure never to run out of ammo and auto switching weapons

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I'm not sure if the trophy is still bugged, but I just got the trophy about 10 seconds ago, and here's the circumstances:


1. Used the golden pistol

2. New York, Chapter 1

3.Easy difficulty, online with 2 randoms and 1 bot

4. Gunslinger class

5. Didn't use melee, grenades or mounted weapons at all


Misc stuff:

Set up barbed wire 

Carried a few cases to the train




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