Specific Class Skills not giving Weapon XP?

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Going to clarify this a bit more.


I'm currently using the Gunslinger class at the moment and on the skill tree I have the skill "This is my Rifle" unlocked which gives me an ARK-203 AR at the start of the game. I sometimes use the gun throughout the whole mission, but at the end of it, it does not reward me with any weapon XP for that weapon, nor my secondary which is just a standard pistol. I tried picking up another weapon during the mission and it only sometimes gives me weapon XP for the weapon that I've picked up in the mission.


Anyone else having this issue? I know this game is a melting pot of bugs and glitches at the moment... 😑


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Yes, I've had this issue as well. Not specifically in regards to the Gunslinger class (haven't started that one yet), but I have noticed that some of the guns have waaaay too low XP than they should have. So sometimes it seems as if I'm not getting the correct amount of XP. Funnily enough, the ARK is one of those weapons. As well as one of the shotguns and the Vector SMG (can't remember the ingame name, but it's the Tier 3 SMG).


Indeed, this game has loads of bugs, yet I still think it's amazing. I'm just hoping I don't get affected by that progress-resetting crash. Haven't experienced any crash since the latest patch.



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