Glitches (mini review)

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This game could have been a reasonably fun Advance Wars clone. Could have. But:


-It crashes. All the time. And while this is mitigated by the auto-save after each turn, reloading will void all activated perks. Since it typically crashes early in later levels, where perks would have been most useful, this is specially annoying.


-When it crashes, your data might get corrupted. So back up often unless you want to start from scratch.


-I’ve never managed to get the multiplayer to work. I get the “invalid login information” message and then zilch. The developper never answered questions regarding this issue. Sone people got the trophies, so this might not be widespread. But you may have an unobtainable platinum on your hands.


-All units are introduced in the tutorial and then... that’s it. And the background, music, tactics? Nothing changes. You’ll have seen the whole game in the first 15 minutes.


-The AI is painfully slow. Prepare to have a book at hand or Netflix on when it’s the computer’s turn, specially on the larger maps in episode 4.


I’m trudging through it since I like this type of games. But I would definitely recommend staying away unless you’re desperate for frustration.


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