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Anyone play online?


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So, after i platinumed this game, I happened to venture onto the online portion, and found that i was quite fond of it, it was different from all the FPS war games these days. But, i didn't find many other people playing this online, and my friends never really wanted to, so after a while i stopped.

...does anyone else actually play and enjoy the online? Cuz i feel like I'm one of the few who found it to be fun, even though it did have its annoying moments

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Are people still playing online in this? I'm just curious.

Not A LOT, but enough to play some rounds, I just hope you don't find the cheaters, sadly this game is infested with cheaters, apparently is not science to find those exploits in the game but i'm not interested in having advantage in the mp, i like to be just me and my poor shooter skills hahaha

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