Before you update to 1.03.

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Patch notes are included at the bottom of this post

Patch 1.03 fixes a lot of issues such as the level reset and the glitched trophies such as "Strong immunity", "High Caution" and "The most effective way" but beware that the "There are many guns but this one is mine" now requires you to buy each level of each weapon in order to gain exp for the said weapon, for example you can't level a weapon to level 3 unless you have purchased the level 2 upgrade.

this also includes a nerf to the combat shotgun's damage in PvP and some other adjustments.

I'd suggest to at least level up as much weapons as you can in offline mode before updating otherwise this will take much longer to plat.


Patch Notes:







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Thanks for the heads up!


Personally, I'm going to play it with patch 1.03. I'm cool with the game taking longer to plat as long as I'm confident that my progress will be saved. Sure, you could skip the patch and unlock the guns trophy faster, but if your progress gets reset back to 0, it could end up taking longer in the long run. Just excited that the game is (probably) fixed now!


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patch 1.03 is only a day old but i really feel they toned down the zombie count in campaign. now w/ randoms im breezing thru Jerusalem chapter 2 on hard difficulty when prior i was only escaping about 10 to 15 percent of the time w/ randoms


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