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Switch release and framerate


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I've been kind of interested in this game but i read a while ago that the framerate was atrocious.

Now they are releasing a remastered version of this game on Switch with one of the selling points being better framerate (the fact that this is a selling point is sad).

I am wondering if this game has been updated to get better framerate of if they are just releasing a straight up technically better version for switch.



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The company that developed the game (Runic Games) was closed in 2017. The switch version is going to be a port by Panic Button. I don't expect any work to be put into the PS4 version anymore. 


However, there are some framerate issues in crowded areas, yes, but it's not like it's happening all the time. For most of the game, it run perfectly fine. Darksiders III is way worse. ?

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