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Heads up on glitched trophies


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I don't know what karma gods I pissed off, but I had no less than 8 glitched trophies when I finished the game. 
They were legit glitches too, not just something I missed. Like, I unlocked Balance in all Things, which requires I have 60 Demon Artifacts, before I unlocked Demon Keeper for having 50. 
I also followed guides for saving humans and inventory upgrades, and I got them all without popping trophies. 


Luckily, I figured out that your profile holds your counts. I had backed up a save after 3/4 of the way through, so I backed up my current save, and overwrote the save (but NOT the profile), and went back on the old save and got the humans, artifacts, attribute points, etc... and the trophies popped. I was especially worried about inventory upgrades, because I didn't think they would show up in a NG+, and thought I might have to start a whole new save, but it popped as well. 

Anyhow, just sharing in case it happens to others, so they don't have to do almost a whole second runthrough. 

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