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6 hours ago, Rozalia1 said:

Jericho gets a second promo segment in the back... on his own... just so he can get jumped as why else would he be on his own... then Mike Tyson scares off the entire Pinnacle by himself. This could not be done next week?


Yeah I thought this too, why the same night? Surely you can rebook Tyson. Looked in good shape though. 


7 hours ago, Rozalia1 said:

Don't think I'll give +s as all AEW needs to do is not be excessive/stupid and they can get high scores... tempting to give them a + if they put Jade in the main event though...


Think you may be disappointed. Imagine if Red Velvet wins with a roll-up scoring the upset victory ha!


Anyways thought the show was very meh this week. Liked the Jericho promo, but that was about it. Bullet Club stuff has had it's time in wrestling, needs to move on and stop spillting then reuniting.  


Don't want to be too negative, but this weeks show was not good. 3/10.


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