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"Didnt want to join up" gliched


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 So from what i understand this is a main storyline quest and apart of " protecting the weak"


 I cleared the camp. And saved the kid. But i skipped the cinimatic of me saving him. Didnt think anything of it as its same mumbo jumbo they all say when ya save them. Tho this is the only bit i skiped in the entire game thus far.


 So fast forward. I've cleared the story; post game cleaning up collectable trophys and what not


But i can't provress dimond lake camp encampment quests for "marauder camp hunter".


 As the quest giver just has the " job in progress " icon

 Thou at one point it said return job. But wouldnt alow me to turn in the quest.


 Does anyone know of a work around or anything? 




  So i went back to the 1st clue for the quest;  to track it to the marauder camp...

Saved and reset game.


 Now the quest went from

" locate an rescue whats his face"


 To find the camp.


 Well I'm standing in the middle of the camp.  Its still marked on world map.

But nothings here


Will note that 1st time here before i encounterd this camp. It was gliched and abandoned/ i fell thru the world

 This section seems rather bugged


I'ma keep tweaking things to see if i cant fix this thou highly unlikely


 Edit 2:  i saved inside the camp were eathen Ross was.


 Quick saved and reset ps4.


 Now i have a quest marker as if the quest reset its self. At the location of the 1st searchable


Might have forced it to fix its self


I also uploaded quick save to cloud. Unsure if this would have an impact on it.

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Quest went in reverse..
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I had issues with that one as well but not as extensive as you.

Basically the radio call from Kouri that he has a job glitched during free roam (there was radio static but no covno) and I accidentally picked up the job later while in camp and seeing "Job available" with him.


I did another story mission before i realized a small orange mission circle appeared NE Highway 97 region, went there to find it empty at first and then all the marauders spawned around me while I was standing in the middle. Completed successfully after that. (This was all on patch 1.07)

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Hmhmm ya im on 1.07 atm. Its now just telling me to find the camp


Camps ofc found and eliminated.


But i can't do nada.  Litterly last trophy i have to finnish game heh


Started a new save. Figure might be quicker to just re play vs wait for potental fix. As i dont need to focus much on any side obj. Aside from encampments..


How ever... Skipped starting 7 cinimatics so far...


Riding w boozer.... Have been on a loading screen for 20 mins...




 Closed game.. Because loading got hung up and it blue screened ps4.. ( 2nd one in 3 hours. Last one was from manual save. Good game but blah now i encounter the buggys


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I guess it could be related to skipping cinematics for anyone else reading this (I haven't skipped any) and had no major issues with the game even on 1.05 and 1.06 - some frame rate drops, sound bugs, late map textures loading and NPC's spawning but no crashes, glitched missions or otherwise major stuff.


Also, as part of those missions (I think this is were my problem occurred) as you're free roaming after finishing something or liberating someone you usually have a follow-up conversation - if you enter a fight or another story part it will continue during later free roam and it even says you might miss some optional convo if you leave/quit/start now and are in the middle of it.


I quit the game after saving that guy just as the mission giver was contacting me, when I played again I had the radio clicking sound but neither Deacon nor the contact spoke and then I stumbled upon "Complete job" or whatever at Diamond lake which worked and gave me another camp mission.


But yeah, sorry to hear you need an entire new game run to finish that storyline... (I think you'll need to finish the story too - the last one or two Diamond Lake missions become available after finishing the story - at least were in my case alongside one in Copeland's camp)

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This happened to me too. Was hoping it would fix itself at some point during the story but sadly it didn’t. Decided I would just finish the rest of the trophies and wait for a patch. If a patch doesn’t come, I will wait to do my replay when NG+ comes out 

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On 5/9/2019 at 2:53 PM, Slugger_VII said:

This happened to me too. Was hoping it would fix itself at some point during the story but sadly it didn’t. Decided I would just finish the rest of the trophies and wait for a patch. If a patch doesn’t come, I will wait to do my replay when NG+ comes out 

 Yeah I thought about doing a fresh run, but ... I mean... Ehhhhhh... It's nota bad game, but... Ehhhhh.... After doing Everything as it is, i'll just wait for NG+ / hope for a patch by mid june. (When NG is said to be droping ) assuming a patch isn't put into place to fix this bug.

Thanks to the Bug how ever, I decided to make This games Plat #100. beacause  1%er Seems... fitting... 

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got to this mission and the rendering was shocking all abandoned camp blew the doors off the camp went in and saved in the camp reloaded save and camp came alive kiled everyone saved the ethan or what ever his name had the cinamatic then the mission was to find him and release him but i have already done it. on patch 1.08 and all i get at crystal lake is job in progress not happy at all developers need to sort this mission out 

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Ya when i 1st went there. Nothing rendered.  Blew off doors. But blank base. Fell thru map



 2nd time triggered flags.

Killed every thing

Saved kid

Skipper'd the " go to x camp tell em D'can sent ya" blah blah


 Annd nothing lol finnished game and everything eles.


As of most recent patch

This missions still buggard.


Eather i wait till ng+ and plow thru the game. Assuming i keep weapons/camp lv/player lv/bike.


Or in a year o so might start a fresh save. Lol..

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