Geralt the Professional: Stuck on "Griffin from the Highlands", need help.

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Okay, everyone, I am just using my post-game no DLC death march save, to able to quickly race through the missions & beat the story. It doesn't say anything in the description of the trophy to not be able to do it after the game was beaten.

So what I did, was played through the game death march without DLC installed. Now I'm aiming for the contract missions to be finished.

But I've run into 1) a bug or 2) a glitch because I need to be in the middle of "Master Armors Quest" to be able to complete the "Griffin in the Highlands" quest. If you complete the armor quest first then the griffin quest gets locked.


I'm in the Crows Perch area with the baron & talking to the EXACT blacksmith, but nothing will trigger him to let me talk to him about the armor quest so I can start, so that way I can reload the save & get my griffin quest started up.


Here's the Master Armorers mission, & here is the Griffin from the Highlands mission.


You can message me on Discord too if you can, ice9_ghost#8856.


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