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botzone question

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hey everyone, does anyone know if the matches / kills in botzone count *if* you are not connected to the internet? i know they count towards the trophies if playing online botzone as it saves your stats at the end. I was just curious if this was the case while offline as well, or is it wasted time and effort. Thanks in advance!!

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^^ He is correct. Botzone will also count for your 10k Kills. It is fun playing online and there are still quite a few people playing today. Most PS3 games are more dead than this. You can also tubro or rubberband in online matches and they will keep repeating over and over until you get your wins. 

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gotchya thanks for the quick reply guys

7 hours ago, DarkSoleride said:

You don't have to be connected online as Botzone is an offline multiplayer experience.



yea i know you can play it offline, but that doesnt necessarily mean that it would save ur stats if ur not connected to the internet, so i just wanted to make sure the kills i get in botzone while commuting werent a waste of time. cheers =)

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