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RAGE 2 Trophy Thoughts


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All you guys are talking about how easy the list looks and all that but nobody realizes it will probably come with a million trophies added after launch from dlc that is sure to come. 


One good example would be how Doom kept adding and adding forcing me to keep buying them and completing them to maintain completion. Kinda lame. Unrelated game but Shovel Knight currently has the same problem.

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1 hour ago, DaikichiKawachi said:

No online 2705.png

No collectables 2705.png

No multiple playthroughs 2705.png


It might be a little bit easier then I'd like but I'm happy with it. I was concerned it would be like the Mad Max trophy list but with online trophies too. This will be my second day one purchase of the year so far.


The Balloons and Spy Drones might be in fixed locations, so collectible-ish.

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Judging by recent gameplay videos, the in-game color scheme was slightly changed, acidic pink colors reduced and the gamma is more "realistic" now, which is good news, because it won't be as annoying as Far Cry: New Dawn with it's extra-colorful environments.

Love the trophy images though, cool little bright pink plat :) 

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1 hour ago, Bubblyfishes said:


The Balloons and Spy Drones might be in fixed locations, so collectible-ish.


The balloons aren't. They're semi random spawns that you blast out of the sky whenever you spot 'em. easy enough to see though.


The spy drones are a bit tricky. I haven't confirmed if they have the same spawn spots, but there's 34 of them (which you need 30). They like to hide in outposts and such. You gotta be quick to shoot them because they fuck off after a bit of flying around. And so far none of them has come back within any reasonable amount of time. I don't know if that means "relocated to a random outpost" or "relocated to an outpost you're not done with yet". 


If we're lucky it's the latter. Doubt it, but hope.


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7 hours ago, JimboUrbanian said:


And here I am pre-ordering almost every physical game I have. 1f60f.png


Same here especially for single-player games. Gotta show them some love so we're not stuck with just battle royale games in the future.


Still working on Days Gone but I pre-ordered Rage 2 from Best Buy this morning. Helps that they're offering a $10 reward cert with the pre-order. 

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