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I want it all bugged?


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1 hour ago, Skargarim said:

Anyone Else Not getting this trophy? I've done 15 Different characters now and did not get it. 

I know sometimes the trophies for this game can be really slow to pop.  Exit the game a reboot and then if they don't pop once you're in the klassic towers menu then do one more on easy and see.  Sometimes the game also likes to bug trophies out until itself rebooted.

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15 hours ago, Arielferrari19 said:

did you complete them while being online? it happened to me today because the servers weren't working and had to do most of them again.

seems like in order to track eveything in the game you need to be online.

I was online for every trophy.  Had a few disconnects here and there because my net isn't great, but not while doing those.


Wouldn't be surprised, nearly every trophy in this game needs to be done while online.  Those ones you wouldn't think would be, though I believe it may track them online.

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