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Graphical interface (GUI) for the chess engine...


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I did just complete this game on PS3. PS3 has many of those trophies in including grand master. And the "Chess Engine"-method seems to be the same. The guide say you should use Stockfish. I found a GUI for stockfish called "Tarrash" so you can use it instead of a command based interface.


It's available for free:



Windows 10 will warn about it but I'm conivnced it's a false alert. (just press "more info" and "run anyway" or similar)... I use both Eset Nod32 and Malwayre Bytes premium payed licenses togheter. Those are among the best AV on the market. Both considerbly more accurate than Windows 10 malware detection. None of those getting alert by the app. 


But it uses Stockfish 8. I downloaded latest Stockfish 10 from their official source:



Then I unziped the file (stockfish_10_x64.exe) and went to "options" > "engine" where i selected Stockfish 10 instead of Stockfish 8. Since I have a modern/good laptop I selected "2 CPU cores" instead of "1". Then I confirmed that, flipped the board and pressed "play against white" in the chess engine... after I selected "play as black" instead of "randoom" in Pure Chess options under "exhibition". Then I simply followed Pure Chess moves on the chess engine to see the moves to play on Pure Chess. So I basically played the engines against each other.

With this "extended" metod it gets way easier... I didn't read the guide too carefully. But maybe the creator could consider adding this. Else I hope it can be helpfull for somebody else. I'm way too lazy and don't got time too write an own guide. I just wanted to add how I did it by ease. Just took some time but not too bad. Except it took 6 years and 11 months to get 100 % since I barely played it first. Horrible... But that what is happening when you priotize other things for years. Nice to have it done though.

Good luck trophy hunters!!

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