Masterchief challenge reset all time I use the grinder

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I've discovered a bug related to challenges in this game (PS4 version).

Each time I use the grinder to craft weapons and do some challenges related to this, the "master chief" challenge is reset by the game.

I've to craft 2 different weapons in the same session to reach the level 2 for this challenge a new time.


Is it something known ? I've done some research but I didn't find anything about that.




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Posted (edited)

It's possible this glitch was caused by the recent 1.05 patch, because I've never heard of this happening before 🤔. I'll dig my copy out and do some experimenting. EDIT: I did some experimenting but couldn't recreate the glitch, thus I have no idea what's going on :(.

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Ok So I was able to have the trophy related to challenges.


After doing some crafts, the number of discovered recipes falls from 4 to 2, but it was enough to keep the level 2.


I'm not able to say how and when the number of found recipes decreased.


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