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Can Not Find This Game At PlayStation Store US


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All DLC is still avaliable but who knows if it will still be there when the servers shut down. EA took down The Sims 3 DLC after they shut those servers down (which were for creations) and Sony got rid of ModNation Racers DLC for unknown reasons when they announced those server shutdowns. Best to get it while you can.


The game is also avaliable on disc.

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Because This Is A Last Gen Game Released In Year 2008 It Is Too Old It Is Like A Person Too Old And It Will Be Eliminated 

Like Sony PlayStation 3 It Is A Classic Console It Has A Lot Of Classic Game But It Is Too Old So Sony Discontinued It

And These Thing Teached Us If You Want To Play Or Plat A Game You Should Play Or Plat It In Time

Because These Are Not Belong To Present Generation

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