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Life Is Strange 2: Episode 3 - All Souvenir Collectibles Locations (Collectible Guide)



0:01 ) Drawing - At the start of the game once you exit the tent. Go to the stump and sit on it to draw.

1:02 ) Collectible 1 - After completing the drawing you will see a dog next to you. Pet it 3 times and he will dig up your collectible.

2:44 ) Collectible 2 - When you reach the farm you will need to trim things. Once you trim 8 pick up the pen in the middle.

3:57 ) Collectible 3 - when you get back from the farm move the two water tanks. Once you have done that go over to Finn and talk to him. After you speak to Finn he will throw his stick behind himself.

8:13 ) Collectible 4 - After meeting Daneil at the Lake. Go to the log and you will find a Fossil. Pick it up.

8:50 ) Collectible 5 - When you are at the party. Complete these steps in order - Talk to Finn - Talk to Cassidy - Talk to Ingrid - Go to Ingrid's Tent.

12:10 ) Collectible 6 - Once you get inside the gate check all the car doors. Once you have done that, get Daniel to open up the locker behind the car. When the locker is open look at the cartridges than pick them up.


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