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The Signal - Bug - Won't Start


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I've gotten to Level 5 with Marshall, but the mission won't trigger.  Done every other mission besides the final one. Help?!


UPDATE: Reloaded an earlier save, hit Level 5, and it worked on my 2nd attempt. Could have ruined my entire playthrough. Enjoying the game but the level of potentially game breaking bugs is inexcusible. 

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9 hours ago, darktore said:

I have the same problem as you, I have almost finished the story, but I don't understand how you can go back so much with the rescue, should I start a new run?


Try and go back to a point where you are Level 4 or less with Marshall.


Every game I ever play I "layer" my saves until I run out (i.e. slot 1, slot 2 the next time, slot 3 the time after that) until I run out of slots, and then just start the process again. This meant that I was only 1 or 2 locations away from re-reaching Level 5, and that time it happened to trigger for me. 

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