[Easy Guide] Instant Level Copying in Multiplayer

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Hey boys and girls,

since the other topic confused me, I will write down an easier guide for instant Level 50


What you need?:

- 1 character with the level, what you need (you can copy any level you need) - he will be the host

- a 2nd person (or second console with another account) - he must be in your friends list for joining


How it works:

- The Host starts any mission

- After the loading screen a counter starts .. join with the 2nd account exactly when the counter starts

- Skip the cut scene with the Host and go into the menu (don't leave! just press start and go on the quit option)

- Wait until after the loading screen from the 2nd person/console the counter starts and immediatly quit out then (like before you did with joining)

- You will now get the message, that the host left, press X to continue.


Congratz, your Level got copied to the 2nd account/person and you can copy it as much, as you like


Hope, this helps! :-)


PS: The DLC Char trophys for maxing them out won't unlock, when you copy level 50, so you need to do the copy trick with Level 49 or below.


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