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I haven't really had much problems with these challenges, yes they're hard but each have taken me like 5 tries or so?

This is what I do, at least.


 For Checkpoint bonus stages:

- I play them as Sonic, and I modded hishard for maximum speed, I think it decreases defense but It's not like you'll use that

- You get more points for drifting on the red side, If you don't need to drift because you're going through an straight path just tap L2 when  you pass by them and it'll count them as drifting


For Ring challenges:

- Play as a technique charcter, I use Tails, as the attract rings. It's worth mentioning that the rings are atracted by the front side of the car, so you'll notice it working more when you drift by horizontal lines of rings or spining ring circles.

- Drift at ramps/jumps, you'll still get time added to your counter from them



Definitely the hardest challenges are the first 2 chapters, then you get used to them 


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