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Detox Trophy not Unlocking


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While doing a completely self-sustaining colony, I decided to go for a fully terraformed planet.


On the path there, before toxic rains was disabled - I did a special project to Import Greenhouse Gases for a shot at the trophy before it was unavailable.

I underestimated the growth as when completed - I no longer could get toxic rains, but I got the trophy. Kinda baffled me.


I believe it's a bug related to Paradox with a checksum. Apparently cancelling a triggered Toxic Rain gives it.


Here's the trophy screenshot.



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I got the solution (thanks to Niryna for intel that makes me understand this): "detox" is simply blocked by game rule "no disasters".

"Detox" triggers when acid rains stop, but if you have "no natural disaster" as a game rule acid rains are not in that game (events triggered from planetary anomaly doesn't count) and cannot end, so no trophy.

Just start another game without "no natural disasters", make your terraforming work untill the "no more toxic rains" green banner will pop and then trophy will pop too (tested by myself).



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