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I don't think I've seen this posted anywhere else, so I wanted to share a detailed guide I found on Steam Community regarding the Unseen Predator glitch that allows you to get the trophy once you have access to the bandit vehicle. Others have commented in the BL2 trophy guide forum that they've had difficulty getting this glitch to work (or couldn't get it to work at all). The glitch guide explains clearly how to activate the glitch in detail - I got the trophy on my second attempt (my assassin is currently only level 14). In a nutshell, the way to get the glitch to work is to do the first seat switch at the same instant your perspective changes from third person to first person, then get the timing down to switch seats at each perspective change.


The glitch guide author is playing on PC, but the glitch works the same on PS4. Hopefully this is helpful to others.



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