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I recently finished the game and thought I would share a few tips to save you some time.

-First, aim for a no-upgrade run. During that run, DO NOT OPEN WOODEN CHESTS (the white ones are fine – you will actually need to open them in order to progress). The reason for this is that your wallet has limited capacity, and that the wooden chests are your main source of gems/money. You’ll need to go back to most areas post-game, and can open them then. Don’t restart if you open a few by mistakes – it simply means you will need to grind a bit destroying blocks at the end.

-You’ll get the arrows-shot, enemies-killed, and shield-dropped trophies naturally.

-Bosses can be challenging and require multiple tries, but I’m not the best gamer and I managed, so don’t give up!

-Once you complete the game, you’ll pop up next to a teleporter close to the last boss. You can go back, buy all upgrades, find all ores, teleporters, and Rampelkimpers (the hidden wallet and quiver-upgrade suppliers), and get the 2500 gems needed for the trophy (cumulative, no need to worry). There’s a guide out there with all relevant locations.

-Once that’s done, you’ll need to beat the last boss again and you will get the 100% trophy. Congrats!


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