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wich videogame character would you want to be ?


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The driver from Gran Turismo. I'd be able to own pretty much any car I could ever imagine and I'd be able to drive them at the best racetracks in the world. I also wouldn't ever have to worry about insurance, maintenance or fuel costs and I'd have my own personal pit crew. Everything about that screams awesome to me. 




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Alex Mercer. Can be anyone, have awesome powers, gain knowledge from absorbing people (though more of a double-edged sword), super strength, speed, endurance, durability, can form weapons from hands.




Or the Dragonborn from Skyrim. Because of shouts and magic abilities.

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Dante, the guy slays demons, and he also gets laid, A LOT.

isn't that a footballer that plays for FC Bayern München


anyway, i'd be The guy from TDU2, he gets lots of money, cars, friends, houses, is successful (unlike me), can grow facial hair (again unlike me), god the list could go on for ever

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