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Ogdam infinium work around


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Does anyone know of a work around for the ogdam infinium glitch? I just bought the Legendary edition for my PS3 and it comes with 1.9 pre installed, does anyone know of a workaround so I can grind my levels quickly? I already know a few quick ways to level up but what's faster than reading a book an getting 5 free levels in each skill for a tree?

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I don't think there is no ;/ but you boost, illusion and conjuring and maybe destruction? You can also reset the skill trees also so just keep doing, it sucks as sure, but it's the fastest way of getting to 50 maybe? It's the fastest way I can think of anyways, sorry if you already knew this xD 

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Well I guess I could give it a go.....

I used a trick called the resto-loop which you can find many entries online about it. (basically getting alchemy enchanted items to wear, four in all and making fortify restoration potions) but you could find an article in MUCH more detail enclosed here. --> http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/615803-/63152832. Now, what I did was a little bit different. If I remember correctly, each time I made a potion and did what it told me to do, I checked the progress on the enchanting potion too, and how it exponentially rises. Once you make Fortify Restoration potions that are freakishly high, make yourself a few Enchanting potions too. With that potion, (i don't think it would matter what size soul gem you would use at this point, but I use Grand ones anyway) make yourself another piece of armor (.....or ring, whatever) with a Fortify Alchemy enchantment. Because you drank that enchanting potion, the stat on that last alchemy piece would be insanely high, and would never go away. I had a ring that had created potions +380,000% better. When your mad Alchemy skillz hit 100 (if it hasn't already) turn that skill Legendary. Now here's the ground-breaking fact: you can Legendary a skill an infinite number of times. If you have the ingredients for, lets say, a Paralysis Poison, with that new ring, or whatever you enchanted equipped, you can actually see you skill jump from 15 to 100 in just one potion. Legendary again, rinse and then repeat. 


Try it out, see how it works for you, and hopefully you'll see some interesting results!

Best of luck, man.

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I was actually doing this yesterday.


If you get tired of making potions and enchanting_


1. Equip shield and restoration.

2. Go to Giant's camp.

3. Lure Giant so it hits your shield and pull back to heal yourself.

4. Rinse and repeat.


This will boost Block and restoration, plus when you get around level 25, you can also risk a little bit more and go without shield. 


If you do this equip both pieces of Heavy and Light Armor so it boosts both stats.


Apart from this and the comments above... all I can think of are trainers... or the sneak tactic too: Use sneak close to an enemy, switch off TV and go for a walk ;)

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