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Team Sonic Racing - How to Unlock the Last Paint Kits (Speed Painter Trophy / Achievement Guide)


Complete the Following

- Complete all races on Expert Difficulty on every Chapter. You must get at least one star. (Keys are NOT needed)

- You must complete all Grand Prix on expert difficulty (You must win overall)

- You DON'T need to complete Destruction's, Traffic Attacks, Eggpawn Assaults, or Ring Challenges. (Platinum Medals)

- The other paint kits are unlocked by buying them.


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If you after the platinum, you basically need to beat every race/GP on Expert, get all the keys AND get all platinum medals on the challenges.


The only great tip is that when you are playing on Expert, you only need to beat one of the three objectives (like come top 3) and you're done. Any missing stars, you can get on Normal.


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