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How many players to start game?


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It depends on the mode but the minimum is anywhere for 4-8 players. If you're going to boost the online trophies, then make sure you have enough people to lockdown a lobby to keep the randoms out. I forget how many people you need for certain trophies but most will come naturally, whilst going for the DLC trophies if you use the Turret Hacking trick for farming XP. I strongly recommend reading the stickied Guides so you know what to do but know beforehand that the grind will get incredibly tedious after a while.

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23 minutes ago, zee_zoo123 said:

Hello could anyone tell me please how many players need it to start game in bioshock 2 ?

There is 1 mode (adam grab) with a minimum of 4 players,. 8 players to lock the lobby if i remembered correctly. excellent for xp boosting. However, most of the misc trophies are in modes with a minimum of 6 players.

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11 minutes ago, zee_zoo123 said:

Do I have to play all modes? or  I can do all trophies with 4 players mode 


You need to play save little sister for one trophy, survival of the finest or civil war for two trophies and Adam grab for the rest of the trophies. For the little sister and big daddy trophies you'll need 6, for the others you need to be 4 in Adam grab 

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