How to earn Sail The 7 Seas Trophy while bugged. (Downgrading/Complex Guide)

By ICavv in Minecraft,
EDIT: THE TROPHY IS NO LONGER GLITCHED WITH THE RELEASE OF BEDROCK ON PS4!  But this method still works if your still playing on the old version of the game.   Hello Guys! Many of us have been having problems earning the trophy, "Sail The 7 Seas" in Minecraft on the latest patch version 1.92. I have found a temporary solution to earning this trophy for the time being. We are going to be downgrading to version 1.90, the patch that released this trophy set and its known working for unlocking. This is going to be a very detailed guide and if you’re not up for it you can always wait til the next update and see if Mojang fixes it that way.   Requirements: A Computer connected to the same network as your PS4. Proxy Server Charles Proxy Server Minecraft Version 1.90 Europe(CUSA00265_00) Copy Link Here  Minecraft Version 1.90 North America(CUSA00744_00) Copy Link Here  Minecraft Version 1.90 Japan(CUSA00283_00) Copy Link Here   Guide: In order to downgrade the game we will have to delete the game from our system. So if you have saves not backed up to PS Plus or a USB do so now! If you are not comfortable with doing so you can always wait for an official fix in the future.  Download Charles Proxy Server free trial in the link provided above. Run Charles, there are a few icons at the top toolbar. Click the last one to the right that is a gear icon. You should see a list of options popup, click Proxy Settings, now under the tab Proxies in the sub category HTTP Proxy there is a little box unchecked called "Enable transparent HTTP proxying" check it to the on position. Click ok to save at the bottom and leave program open. On your PS4 go to Settings>Network>Set Up Internet Connection> Wired or Wireless both work  but make sure if wireless you are on the same network as the PC.>After that choose custom, in the next section you can either set up your IP Address settings manually or automatic.>MTU Settings Automatic>Proxy Server USE. For the address you want to type your PC's IP Address. If you don't know how to find it open the command prompt and type ipconfig, you are looking for your IPv4 Address. After you have that done the Port Number is 8888. Click next and then test connection to see if all is working well. Now at this point on your PC, Charles Software will ask you to allow or deny the incoming connection you MUST allow it for this to work. Delete Minecraft from your PS4. Go to the PS Store and starting downloading Minecraft again but quickly pause it as we don't want the download to finish. In Charles you should see a bunch of links but the one we are looking for is If you do not see it unpause the download and let it run for a few more seconds. Once you find it click the little + icon to the left of it. You will now see more folders click the + icon next to ppkgo. Next open of the f folder and you should see your CUSA number there, What ever version you have copy the link for file above in the Requirements section. We will use this for the next step. The first file you see should end in .json.(Example of the file name:MINECRAFTPS40000-A0194-V0100.json) Right click it and select map remote, it is one of the last options. You will now see an edit mapping box popup, head to the Map To section. Fill in the info as follows. Protocol: http  Host: Port:80 Path: The link you copied from above earlier on Step 6. Query: Leave Blank. Double check all info and click OK. Now delete the paused Minecraft download and redownload it again. This time around it should be a smaller file size and be on Version 1.90! If everything worked successfully you can resetup your internet connection without the proxy and close the program down on your pc. If not try the steps again and it still not working comment below and maybe I can help you out.   Extras: Big Thanks to @XxIsa-GxX and company for the original write up of this method! It is also important to make sure the game doesn't automatically update you can either just play offline while earning the trophy, pause the update if it starts downloading, or uncheck automatic downloads options under settings on the PS4. You can also use this method for other games that have glitched trophies as well, you just need the .json file which you can get from
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