Is this the worst PS Plus game ever?

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Dragon Fin Soup is an excellent pick for one of the worst games we got. So promising but at the end of it all, ended up being a buggy broken pile of shit


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5 hours ago, Beyondthegrave07 said:

Spelunker HD is the worst PS3 game I've ever played (and I got it from plus). I think only masochists enjoy the game. I thought the game looked like an old classic exploring game, but I got it confused with either steamworld dig or Spelunky. Not sure which. Either way, grave mistake on my end.

All you do is die in that game. I played the PS4 Spelunker game because I liked the Nep-lunker dungeons in Megadimension Neptunia VII. The Nep-lunker dungeons were not built very well but I enjoyed them 1000 more then the actual game.


1 hour ago, Neocarleen said:

Roundabout. You drive a limo that’s always spinning while you navigate puzzles, with live-action bits.


It has a trophy for completing all the tasks in the game that’s still broken even though the devs said a fix is coming “soon” like a year ago.

I enjoyed Roundabout. A lot of trophies just didn't pop for me. I don't find it worth playing again since all the trophies are bronze except one. You get a silver if you get a point in Desert Bus.


Roundabout doesn't have Desert Bus inside the game; there is a mode that is very similar to the game. For those that don't know what Desert Bus is, Desert Bus is a game where you drive bus in a straight line for 8 hours real-time and get a point. The bus will drift slightly to right so you have to steer. If you go off-road, you get towed all the way back to the start in real time. The only differences between the Roundabout version and Desert Bus are that your driving a limo, the car will change between drifting left and right at random intervals.


I actually got 2 hours into this mode before. Will do the whole 8 hours someday.

4 hours ago, Solid-Fisch said:

I got another one for you guys: Aaru's awakening (PS April 2015). This game was the worst for me. I deleted it after 10 minutes before I earned any trophy and then quickly eliminated it form my trophy list and harddisk drive.

Aaru's Awekening was pretty bad. I never want to touch that game ever again.


18 minutes ago, VirtualNight said:

Dragon Fin Soup is a very broken game from what I have heard.

I tried to like that one but I could never put the time or effort in. It's sad to hear it is broken.


1 hour ago, LunchCannon54 said:

I think I stopped playing Dungeon Punks after literally seconds. Maybe I was hasty but I just got the distinct immediate suspicion that those games weren't worth my time. Anyway this thread is best moved to a general as opposed to being for a specific game. 

I put down Dungeon Punks that fast too. This thread needs to be moved.


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