Trophies Glitched or What?

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I have played over 50 games in 3vs3, won 10 in a row and I was MVP in about 20 of them but I didn't even get 10 matches win trophy. Later this happens, I looked my stats and it says I played 9 games! How it is possible? 

Edit: I won 2 matches in 3vs3 after and still nothing changed, it says 9 games played in 3vs3.

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I had this same issue, stats started tracking properly again after I signed out of my account and then signed back in. 


Edit: It's also possible that in the case of the OP, he saw the 'season' stats and not the 'total' stats, as the game separates these. Total stats are updated after every game whereas 'season' stats are updated every 24 hours or so.

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