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I am having a huge problem with trophies unlocking, I am 100% sure I have done everything I need to do to unlock them but they won't, the trophies are.


Base Game:


1) Back in the Slammer - Takedown each Prisoner camp ( I have restarted and completed each camp twice but still won't unlock)

2) Spy Hunter - Get Spectacular or better in a Task Master Drone Challenge (once again I have completed each of the activities more than once to try and make it unlock)


3)Be Greater aka the Platinum so because of the above 2 this won't unlock obviously.


CTNS: The Heist


1) Screwy - Get Spectacular in all Screwball Challenges (once again redone each activity more than once)


CTNS: Turf Wars


1) The Gang War - Complete all crimes in a district (now this is a strange one when I finished the first one of these at the start of the DLC it unlocked the equivalent trophy for The Heist)


CTNS: Silver Lining


1) The Wages of War - Complete the Aiding a Human" mission (which I have completed)


So with each of these, every menu in the game says I have done what needs to be done to unlock them but they just don't want to and I really don't wanna replay the game at the moment.

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Not sure why it didn’t work. I haven’t had any trophy issues.


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I have had similar problems relating to the third downloadable content.


I've not obtained Unplugged, Aiding A Human, or Scales Of Justice, despite completing their respective missions, but did unlock The City Sleeps, upon completing the last district crime.



Screwballed unlocked, guess I'm going to have to delete the save and replay the entire thing... Can't wait to chase Screwball, again...


Edit (Again):
Had to delete everything and start over... Trophies mentioned above finally unlocked.


Disappointing to say the least, since now my trophies are a mess.

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