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I think I need a partner for the last campaign challenge.

12 Takedowns on Countdown with the Titan.

Anybody willing to help?

I can help with other challenges too, I still need to mop up some trophies anyway.


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2 hours ago, Dr_Mayus said:

Early each day to the sub-forums of PSNP
A new member creates a thread
In their own special way to other members they plea
"Please help me, the online is dead
Come boost the trophies
I need help right now
And you'll be glad if you do
I can't earn the platinum
I simply don't know how
All it takes is a moment from you"
Boost the Trophies, grind out the kills
Grinding, grinding, grind out the kills
"Use the Game Sessions,  that's what the mods say
Lock this thread, and grind there all day"

Please post this elsewhere that won't get locked so I can just quote this every time a boosting thread pops up, thanks.


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