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First things first, the co-op campaign in this game is couch co-op only. Both players will get all trophies, but only progress for player one is saved - player two doesn't get their own save file. This sounds bad at the beginning for player two, but can actually be used to their advance. The game checks the save file of player one for which trophies have already been unlocked and will also award them to player two.


I have already completed the co-op campaign and tested which trophies will unlock when for player two with a few of my alt accounts. Here are my findings:


Not yet tested, but most likely Good enough and Simply the best would also unlock, if every mission has already been completed with a gold trophy.


If this method is used before completing the single player campaign, some story-related trophies can also be unlocked out of order.


This means, if you have a friend who has already completed the co-op campaign, you can save yourself a full playthrough by joining their campaign.


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