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So this has happened to me about 3 times now while playing as the survivor, and once as the killer and was wondering if it is a bug, or something implemented in the game?



I open the door and/or run through an already opened door to escape, but the survivor can continue to run and run and run and run into the out of map field until eventually the timer runs out and you get sacrificed by default. So instead of getting the "escape" screen, you end up getting sacrificed.



Same thing except I watched as I chased a survivor to the door. Of course he TBagged by the exit, and continued on but continued to run until the timer ran out as it would not let him escape. (That's what he gets for being a douche) but anyways he ended up getting sacrificed as well.


So what is this? Can it be avoided?


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This question was almost a month ago but in case you are still looking for an Answer, This is a (normally rare) bug. 


Most of the time you can just run back into the Gate (through the tantacles of the entity) and out again and should be good. 

If this does not help run off the edge of the map. 

You will enter a falling animation and then spawn somewhere on the map again. 

Head to an exit and leave, and again, you should be good 


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Other things to look for as evidence you might be affected by this bug even before the gates are open include: not being able to heal yourself, not being able to wiggle when picked up by killer, you don't see the progress bar increasing when being healed by someone else. Not sure entirely how often it happens on other platforms. Personally, this has happened to me only once, and that one time I experienced all 3 things I listed.

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