Possible bug in Woodland Spirit trophy? No spoiler

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So, I was finishing my last contracts in order to get "Geralt:The professional" trophy and once I got it I realize that I have one trophy from the contracts missing.

Searching a little bit, the one that I did not get is the one from the "In the Heart of the Woods" quest. The ones that have done this quest know that there is a way of finishing it without actually killing the beast, although the quest appears as completed.

My question is, due to the fact that I did not actually killed the beast, is it possible that the trophy did not unlock beacuse of the choice I made in the quest, or is it just a bug? 😑


P.S I will have to use one save that I got being in Novigrad to try to get that trophy again.......🙄 

Hope this post helps someone else in the future and not having to replay it as I will have to.


EDITED: Nevermind, I just saw that If you do it the "peaceful" way, you miss out the trophy....

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