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minigames compared to zero and kiwami


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The worst thing in this game is the clan creator tower defence ‘minigame’. The regular minigames are the same as in 0 and Kiwami. I think mahjong was a bit harder as you need to win some tournaments. I can’t really remember, I actually liked playing mahjong and the other mini games. So not much of a helpfull answer I guess...

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I found Mahjong to be worse in Kiwami 2 since in comparison to Yakuza 0 and Kiwami it felt like the AI really did not want me to win anything and I struggled to even get a good hand while the opponents were calling Riichi after a few turns. I know Mahjong was kind of like that previously but it felt way more extreme this time around. There are however three cheat items you can get called Peerless Tiles that automatically let you win but if you want to get Mahjong done in one playthrough you will have to be very selective about when to use them. There's also a sub-story where you have to win at Mahjong with the disadvantage of only having 1,000 points, which is the most ideal place to use a Peerless Tile. 


Otherwise you can just go into NG+ as many times as you want to get the Peerless Tiles and grind out the wins that way but it means more playthroughs so it's more of a damned if you don't and damned if you do situation.


The other mini-games weren't so bad I thought. I think the only one I didn't really like outside of Mahjong was the Majima Construction one mainly because it felt like it dragged on after a while and leveling up your characters felt grindy.


The Hostess Club stuff is back in it and it plays pretty much the same way as Yakuza 0 and I actually enjoyed it. It's also the best way to get money since later on when you have better hostesses you can get about 10 million each time you play the mini-game.


You also have to play Virtua Fighter and a mech fighting game but the requirements aren't so bad since they just want you to beat certain opponents and play as all characters.


I'm probably forgetting a couple other things but outside of Mahjong the mini-games aren't too bad.

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