Achieving 100% in San Andreas?

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I had recently gotten the platinum for this game, & thought hmm, I wonder if getting 100% would any harder? Since I've never done this myself, I thought I would give it a go!

To my surprise, I have done more things for 100% than expected simply by achieving the Platinum.


Well here is my Google Docs, version of everything I've done in-game for getting there. So far, I'm rewriting this in-post I've successfully done everything written in the red in Google Docs.


The questions are in BOLD. For the TLDR type people, (too long didn't read).


A few questions though:

1: Is there any way to check the progression of a task that I'm doing? Like in other games, I can see how many I've done & how many I need until it's done. I just don't think this is a very accurate way of remembering the number I was last on with the on-screen menu saying "87 out of 100 Tags Sprayed", then it fades away.


2: I completed the NRG-500 challenge to earn the trophy in a past save. Now I've done the BMX challenge & got it completed (much easier btw), although I loaded up another save from another point in time to do this because I wanted to earn the 30 territories trophy. My question is, since I've done the BMX challenge & am achieving the 100% on THIS save, do I need re-do the NRG-500 challenge on this save to?


3: Are girlfriends apart of the 100%? It seems as if they're not. But I wanna be sure because this would be a 110% task instead.

110% Task Defined, from GTA Wiki:

 Advanced issues found

Attaining 100%

Completion in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas requires the completion of numerous tasks, listed below.

However, GTA San Andreas has extra tasks that are not required for the achievement but are also available to complete; many players refer to this as "110%".


4: What method can I use to track the stadium events? I'm sure I've done them but cannot remember, is there an in-game menu that describes where this is?


5: Where are the assets missions located?


Complete all asset missions.

  • Los Santos courier mission (Roboi's Food Mart)
  • San Fierro courier mission (Hippy Shopper)
  • Las Venturas courier mission (Burger Shot)
  • Trucking missions
  • Valet Parking
  • Zero's RC Shop (involves completing several storyline-style missions) (no minimap icon for missions)
  • Wang Cars (involves completing several storyline-style missions)
  • Hunter Quarry's Quarry Missions.


6: Referring to #3, do the Oysters eliminate the need to get girlfriends?


That's basically all of my questions, I couldn't find a well-written guide for the 100%.


Discord: ice9_ghost#8856

PSN: bloodrive65


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1. Pause > Stats > Mission. Try to see if it's in there.

2. Both are required.

3. 1 Girlfriend is required.

4. Try same as #1

5. CJ House is also on (just requires story completed) also Zero does have mission markers.

6. No. Oysters are still required as collectibles.


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