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I am not referring to change your ps4 time, I triggered something wonderful which will insanely cut the time to do this to few hours. It has been told on .org guide but not deeply, and I don't know if my procedure is the one working for anyone.


When you have 2 planets unlocked (and something like 3,000 of everything on Earth), what you want to do is to build some business on the Moon, probably at some point if you switch planet and back on it you will get extra money. Now, you want to keep building things on the moon (you can also use the time-exploit) until you have everything unlocked; build each thing to like 100 times (is ok to pass this number for anything), now if you just switch to Earth the free money glitch may transfer to it (if not, go back on the moon, build new items and go back on Earth). Basically everytime you go on Earth from the Moon you will get money and, if you have spent a gold ticket on each item on Earth, the platinum bonus should be at max (i upgraded it once before getting the glitch, I don't know if is necessary). Considering that you have quite some stuffs on Earth, each time you go from Moon to Earth you will get an insane huge amount of money, much much much more than what you could get from changing your ps4 time.


In like 30sec I had like over 100M Uncentillion money, I bought everything I needed to get the 624 achieevements (never used the Buy MAX, it says you can buy a couple of hundreads of an item but if you buy not over 100 per time you should not lose any money).


PS: i think i was playing with the latest patch.


WARNING: when doing this, the game should start lagging. Be slow when you change planet, let the achievements unlock once at time. Previously when I had just few time on the game I had this money glitch, but I didn't really paid attention and went fast, at some point when i went back on Earth all my stats there went back to 0. So, again, be slow when doing this, do not rush.

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