"Read All About It!" not unlocking?

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Are there any users here not have played Spider-man Edge of Time, completed the story, and then did NOT have the trophy "Read All About It!" unlock?

35S8e12f8.png Read All About It! 
Obtain all Newspapers


Or If anyone knows any users who had this happen to them? I heard this trophy was glitched, but I only found one guy with the trophy "glitched" and I can't tell if the trophy is glitched or is that user is a cheater. I'm considering buying this game for myself, but I want to know for sure if any trophies are glitched before I do. At first I thought this trophy was for some optional side stuff but apparently it IS meant to pop at the same time as finishing the story. 


This thread is also NOT the same as my last one about this game, as THIS thread is asking specifically for examples of users. 

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You can probably check the recent players list and see if anyone has the pattern you’re looking for. 


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