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I have never played a 2D Sonic game before Mania but I have played a few of the 3D Sonic games and I thought they sucked. So far I have played a little bit of Mania, but it really hasn't hooked me yet. My brother and I will have some time together soon and I was wondering if Mania is considered to have good multiplayer? Can the main levels be played in multiplayer or is it like Bully for Wii where the 2 player mode is tacked on and crappy?


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If you select Sonic and Tails, player 2 can control what Tails does.


But they won't really have a good time. The camera will only follow Sonic, and since it's a very fast-paced game that has you cover significant distances in seconds, Tails will be offscreen pretty much 100% of the time.


In the old games, player 2 could use Tails to fly Sonic up to areas he normally couldn't reach. But in Mania, player 1 has some degree of control over Tails and can do this by themself. So the one benefit it had is gone, and now it's really just there for nostalgia's sake.


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