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All I have to do is complete the game without missing anyone in the lobby to unlock the final piece of bonus content, but I can't seem to get it. I don't think I've missed anyone. Do I have to do get everyone without getting any game overs? Am I missing anything?


EDIT: I've beaten the game several times, still won't pop up. I got 138 captures with 8 missed captures, I logged all of them and none of them were in the lobby (3 in the band room, 3 in brutus' room, 1 in storage and 1 in the basement) with no retries and it still didn't pop up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I'm chalking this up to a bug and I'm moving on with my life.

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I got tons of retries when going for this, so don't worry about that.


Basically, I devoted an entire playthrough to just focusing on lobby traps and the required story elements and ignoring everything else. The hardest part is when you have to juggle time-sensitive scenes with a quick lobby trap (depending on the length of the clip, I would have to determine whether to trap before or after the required story trap). It's easy to miss 1 or 2 when you're focusing on not dying. A great example of one that gave me a lot of trouble was in Act 3 where you have to quickly trap Eddie on the conveyor belt at the same time someone steps into the lobby.


I wrote some sloppy notes for myself while doing this, which I'll try to transcribe here. I might have trouble deciphering a word or two, but hopefully it helps someone.


In Act 1, I counted 2 lobby traps.

In Act 2, I counted 16 lobby traps.

In Act 3, I didn't count because it was so rapidfire (it's relatively short though, so I just kept my eye razor focused on the lobby; I found the Mega layout with modern notifications worked best).


Now I'll break it down by acts.


Act 1

1) This is the one column trap when Elizabeth is letting in the goons through the front door.

2) This one happens around the same time you have to save Brutus from getting shot.


Act 2


2) When the goons run after the two characters in the elevator, there's a quick prompt to column trap them (easy to miss this one).

3) This happens immediately after Eddie visits Alex's room.


5) This happens during the scene where the guy attacks the band member with a knife.

6) This happens right before the first mummy scene.


8) This happens before the second mummy scene (you have to be very quick here).

9) This happens before the intruder steps into the basement to shut off the controls.

10) This happens while Lyle and Alex are talking in Alex's room.

11) This happens after you obtain the chair trap from Lyle.

12) Do this right before you get the phone trap in storage.

13) After capturing Eddie on the conveyor.

14) After trapping Eddie with the phone trap.

15) This happens during the last scene where Alex is in her room.

16) Around the same time you have to save Alex in her room.


Act 3

1) The required one where you stop Eddie with the column trap

??? (I stopped taking notes here, but I remember there was one simultaneous scene in the lobby while you have to trap Eddie on the conveyor belt which requires strict timing)


I can't remember whether the Ultimate Edition trophy popped as soon as the final scenes in Act 3 start playing, or after the credits on the ranking scene. After that, go into Bonus Features and you'll nab the last trophy (Incoming Fax) and platinum.


By the way, in case anyone is wondering about the outtake that's mentioned in the fax ("the game's only easter egg"), you have to get less than 15 escapes by the end of Act 2, but you don't actually get to see it until you complete the rest of the game (after the credits). Since I was already a "master ninja" at this game, I decided to go for one last playthrough, so I'll save you the trouble if you're curious:



It's a 5-second outtake of one of R. Lee Ermey's game over screens, where he ad-libs "You little asshole" at the end, while you can hear the crew breaking up.


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I can't seem to get the basement 1-2 scene. The guide says it's for not getting the codes but its not unlocking for me.


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