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Transformers Devastation question

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Its not as hard as the rarity makes it seem.

The hardest trophy is the SS Rank but it can be cheesed by quitting if you dont get the SS on a battle and isnt too bad if your used to hack n' slash type games.

No DLC is required (I didnt even know there was DLC)

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The game is really braindead simple and you can cheese pretty much everything. Since it's a looter shooter, the game can seem really unfair or frustrating or you can just one shot everything with a boatload of health purely based off your stats. Fortunately, all the trophies are done on commander which is only the middle difficulty so you really don't need to grind much. You can use all the different upgrades to have the most ideal scenario for killing bosses without damage or getting SS ranks. You can grind as much as you want to make it as easy as humanly possible, but honestly unless you want the absolute top tier upgrades, just a couple hours of grinding will let you just plow through everything and actually saves you time because of how fast you can beat everything.


The combat itself is also very simplistic it's just a timing based parry type move you do and that's basically it.


One thing to keep in mind is that beating the higher difficulties lets you increase your stats much further, lets you increase your TECH you can carry, and allows you to produce much higher quality TECH. All of these can make the game a complete joke. 


For the SS runs you just spam headshots because the devs are too incompetent to put a cap on bonus points so you can get the SS requirements many times over, although a few sections will have different approach.


I just started it a few hours ago and it's definitely not more than like a 3/10 in difficulty. 

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