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How do you govern your PSN friend list as a trophy hunter?


I have found some difficulties managing a large friend list as a hunter for a number of reasons.


I find that some new friends, who are often not trophy hunters, come to expect assistance in their games. (That is, why can’t you do X for me…You’ve already done that yourself.) To a certain extent, I can understand some of these expectations: Why else are we friends on PSN if not to at least communicate or game with one another once in a while? However, some believe, apparently, that being a PSN friend means owing random aid.


I am Founder of a large clan in Destiny 2. So I am friends with a number of players who I do not regularly game with, for clan administration: I will tolerate a lot to keep them on my friend list for the sake of the clan. However, a number of these players, over the years, have sent invites to random games beyond D2, some of which I don’t even own. Some can be quite persistent, blowing apart my account with invites and desperate requests, and even getting angry in some cases.


For instance, when the new Borderlands 2 DLC (Fight for Sanctuary) was recently released, quite a few of these random D2 clanmates would jump into my game uninvited while I was farming. Some would still barge into my game even after I told them I was currently unavailable in a message. (Restarting farming instances in BL2 often resets the party settings to open.) At times, I had to play “appear offline” to get peace and quiet. This led to my decision to remove/block the most aggressive randoms from my friend list. I’ve had some pretty salty messages from randoms I’ve declined assistance to for various good reasons.


So I ask, what challenges have you faced as a trophy hunter with regard to your friend list? How did you address those challenges?


Are you able to keep a large friend list? (My fellow trophy hunter friends nearly all have very small friend lists.) I have personally found it very difficult to manage a friend list over 100. I simply don’t have time to field the random and persistent requests on my schedule (family/job/PhD/newborn). I have a close-knit group of friends that I hunt with, and finding time beyond this group with a family is incredibly difficult.


Who makes it onto your friend list in 2019? Why? How does someone get to stay on your friend list? Do you use the block feature? Some of my friends will unfriend but not go so far as to block, thinking it’s mean or overkill. I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on this matter.

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I have 5 friends on psn now. One from real life; three from psnp; one from psnp that is now more a friend in my real life. I’m not much of a trophy hunter and they all know it. I really enjoy these friends. They don’t seem like strangers, but rather a mutual fan club. They are a warm and fun addition to my gaming. I wouldn’t want people that put trophies ahead of relationships on my list because I'm not that way. 




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I used to have a big chunk of people just sitting on my friend list until the point it took me longer than 20 seconds to find the one real life friend I tried to invite.

Then the feature to create a custom friend list was included in psn and it was one of the most useful updates for me.

I made 5 lists and I´m quite happy with that, but I still kicked 50 or so people out of my friend list, mostly with last online times a few months back.


1 - I simply called the first list Real Life, it´s more than just my friends. Included in that list are people I know, either being friends with, or just a friend of someone I game with. Basicly my go to group of people I play casual with. For fun and not trohpies.

2 - One off sessions, for games like Driveclub Bikes, the online part took about an hour, but it´s easily done in one go.

(It´s a big mess tbh, because I only add but never really remove people from my friends list)

3 - Multiple sessions, for longer games, Zombie Army Triology for example.

4 - Fellow Hunters, it´s for people I met in a gaming session and had a good mix of fun and "business". So basicly guys/girls I want to hunt more games with.

5 -  Best of the Rest, it´s my newest list with 4 people in it. I met them all in the psnp community. They don´t fit in any other of the lists, so clearly they´re to good :D


To answer the question about blocking people.

I´ve blocked a few people, some of them cheated in games. Some of them didn´t listen when I asked them politly not to do certain things (like invites spam).


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